Quetzalcóatl Spaceplane Program are Reusable HTHL Spaceplane Drones which can take off from any commercial airport runway & ferry satellites and/or cargo "to or from" space at $5 MM.

Cargo Owners & Operators will no longer suffer from extensive risks associated with in space ops and maintenance.

CGI Mockup of Quetzalcoatl Spaceplane

Where We Are Today

Quetzalcóatl Spaceplane Development

  • Avionics:

    • Remove Environmental Control Systems (ECS)

    • Develop and Integrate Drone Pilot System into area formerly for Manned Pilot

    • Intersync and Develop Ground Station from NASA Flight SIM for Drone Pilot Station

  • Propulsion:

    • Finish Additional Motors for Demonstration

  • Cargo:

    • Build out Cargo Area for Testbedding Payloads

  • Spaceplane Haul:

    • Complete Conversion of Incomplete Spaceplane to a Spaceplane Drone & begin Testing Stage of Phase 1: Ground Tests, Glide Tests, First Flight Tests

Teaming Partners & Supplier Contractors

*Confirmed &/OR In-Progress

● Propulsion & Mission Ops:

Aerojet Rocketdyne (Lockheed Martin).

Coleman Aerospace (Lockheed Martin).

● Onboard Flight Systems Hardware:

Novo Space.

● Vehicle Assurance & Motion Analysis:

MOOG Space.

● Communications:

Atlas Space Operations.

Goonhilly Station.


● Payload Adapters:

Planetary Systems Corp.

● Payload Processing:

*Astrotech (Lockheed Martin).


KISPE Space Systems.

*General Atomics EMS;.

● Range & On Site Capabilities Assurances:

Launch on Demand.

● Various Engineering, Manufacturing & Consulting:

Sage Cheshire Aerospace.

● Spaceflight Hub Site(s):

Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport & Wallops Flight Facility


7414 Atlantic Rd, Wallops Island, VA, 23337

37.9°N, 75.5°W

Spaceport Cornwall

St Mawgan, Newquay TR8 4RQ, UK

50.440833°N, 4.995278°W

Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA)

Arnhem Space Centre

East Arnhem, NT 0822, AU

12.27°S, 136.818333°E

● Potential Spaceflight Sites:

Space Coast Regional Airport | Titusville, FL

Cecil Spaceport | Jacksonville, FL;

Mojave Air & Spaceport | Mojave, CA

Thule Air Base

Johnston Atoll

● Potential Future Locations: Midway; Guantanamo; American Samoa; Guam; Puerto Rico; Michigan; UAE; Brazil; Korea;